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We have worked with several prestigious institutions including UCLA, USC, UC Riverside, University of Toronto, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health as well as several private companies of varying sizes.

UC Riverside UCLA CAMH
USC ICT UofToronto UofUppsala
LIBR SVMMARY Karolinska Institute


Specialty Fields


To us, bio-nanotechnology is more than just a bleeding-edge buzzword. We see bio-nanotechnology not necessarily as an abstract concept, but rather, something real and attainable. With our strong background in chemistry, quantum physics, semiconductors, and carbon nanotubes we draw inspiration from nature to understand problems and craft novel solutions, including meeting your sourcing needs.



We are a unique group of people who not only excel at difficult problems, but find them fun. We approach software from various backgrounds, including research and gaming, making our solutions not only functional, but robust as well. We specialize in Unity3D and its applications toward artificial intelligence, modeling, mobile applications, augmented reality, virtual reality, and educational technology.


VR/AR/Mixed Reality

With extensive experience prototyping, publishing, and demonstrating AR, VR, and Mixed Reality, we can easily connect your products, message, and mission to new digital frontiers. We have created product prototypes that have been showcased at international conferences and have given demonstrations to lawmakers and even at the White House. We specialize in lucid, down-to-earth presentations that aim to explain the underlying technology in ways that make sense and align with companies' bottom lines.


3D Scanning

As the virtual world continues to grow at an accelerating pace, it begins to mimic the real world and affordable, personalized 3D Scanning becomes a necessity for avatars and science. We have developed affordable, robust, and modular scanning technology that will help to usher in this new realm in communication.


MVP Prototyping

The process of making an abstract idea reality can be daunting, but with our experience and creative approach to problem solving and design, we can turn your dream into reality. We specialize in combined hardware+software minimum viable products that will show the world your idea can work. Are you into doing it yourself? No problem! We can give you a step-by-step outline on how to achieve your goal and ensure your time is used as efficiently as possible as we understand it's a resource worth more than anything.

Who We Are

Rajay Kumar, Ph.D

A graduate of MIT (B.S '02, M.Eng '03) and USC (Ph.D '08), Dr. Kumar has worked in various fields including biology, biochemistry, nanotechnology, semiconductor physics, applied quantum physics, electrical engineering, augmented reality, virtual reality, holography, video game design, software development, and artificial intelligence. He speaks multiple foreign languages including Japanese and Spanish. Dr. Kumar has been an author on many peer-reviewed publications and multiple patents - one of which has been acquired by Meta, formerly Facebook.

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Our Companies

Riot Shield Games

Riot Shield Games

Riot Shield Games revolutionizes gaming by seamlessly integrating complex concepts into easy-to-learn and understand environments familiar to most gamers such that their gaming experience is enriched in a way where they can gain skills that can transfer over into their real lives to improve mental health, memory, and job prospects.



Kanji Drop

By combining blocks containing characters found in the Japanese language together, users have fun in a low-stress, fun way, improving learning and motivation tremendously. Kanji Drop has been translated to a multitude of languages and boasts more than 500,000 downloads.


Chinese Drop

By combining blocks containing characters found in the Chinese language together, users have fun in a low-stress, fun way, improving learning and motivation tremendously.


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