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To us, nanotechnology is more than just a bleeding-edge buzzword. We see nanotechnology not necessarily as an abstract concept, but rather, something real and attainable. With our strong background in quantum physics, semiconductors, and carbon nanotubes we draw inspiration from biology and nature to understand problems and craft novel solutions.


We are a unique group of people who not only excel at difficult problems, but find them fun. We approach software from various backgrounds, including research and gaming, making our solutions not only functional, but robust as well. We specialize in Unity3D and its applications toward artificial intelligence, modeling, mobile applications, augmented reality, virtual reality, and educational technology.

3D Scanning

As the virtual world continues to grow at an accelerating pace, it begins to mimic the real world and affordable, personalized 3D Scanning becomes a necessity for avatars and science. We have developed affordable, robust, and modular scanning technology that will help to usher in this new realm in communication.


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The cornerstone of ITC is expertise built from a love of learning. Our team lives for new challenges where we not only learn, but are able to share knowledge with you, giving your own staff a leg-up against the competition. Our insight into problems will not only help you overcome your latest obstacle, but will prepare you for all future ones as well. Click below to contact us and set up an appointment.

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